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OUR FEE $725

  • MULTI- FAMILY HOMES (up to 4 families)
  • REFINANCE ($725 flat fee)
  • COMMERCIAL PROPERTY(our commercial closings start at $1,500)
  • INDUSTRIAL PROPERTY(our industrial closings start at $1,500)
  • APARTMENT BUILDINGS(more than 4 units: closings start at $1,500)

You need representation in connection with the purchase or sale of residential real estate in New York?

We can help. Our experienced New York real estate closing attorneys assist buyers and sellers with the purchase or sale of their co-ops, condos and single or multi-family homes. Our real estate lawyers charge a fee of $725 from contract to closing for residential real estate closings (up to 4 families). COMMERCIAL LEASE (call for a price quote)


Buying and selling can be stressful;by us we seek to reduce the stress associated with the transaction, by seamlessly handling all aspects of the deal while keeping the client apprised of the status.

We seek to use our superior credentials, vast experience, and keen business insights to provide the best counsel to clients seeking to buy or sell what is often the single largest investment one can make.

Over 12 years of solid real estate closing experience from multimillion-dollar commercial buildings and loans to residential co-ops, houses and condominiums. Over 15,000 closed transactions.

The key in real estate investment is timing and having your lawyer delay the transaction can cost you a fortune. With us, you are sure to get the most prompt attention to your file. At our firm, most contracts get released within 24 hours.

We are always available:

We are accessible via phone and email at all times. You always receive a user name and login to be able to view your case progress and status at any time. Copies of your case are available for your viewing at any time.

Our Rates

Unlike most firms we have NO hidden fees! We have a FLAT rate.

Attorney Review

Our attorney will personally review and make all the necessary changes to the contract of sale. You will meet with the attorney and will not have to deal with the paralegal. Your closing will be handled by an Attorney not a paralegal.

No Travel Fees

Our Clientele

We represent all types of clients and businesses. We represent from the client, to the brokers all the way up to the large banks.

Our Locations

We make it as convenient as possible for our clients to meet us. We have a total of five offices; Queens, Brooklyn, Long Island, Westchester and Manhattan.

As we always stress an engineering inspection is one of the most important first steps a typical buyer should take after the offer is accepted..

Second step is Contract signing upon careful review by an experienced attorney, this is a key step because it sets all the rules of the transaction and may shift more advantage to the other side.

Obtaining Financing and appraisal is the third step for most buyers, followed by the title exam, survey of the premises.

The final step is the closing, once the bank is ready to close and the title objections have been resolved an inspection is scheduled prior to closing. The last stage is the exchange of funds and signing of all bank documents.

Robert Aronov & Associates, PC will guide you throughout the entire transaction.

Sellers also need an attorney at the very early stage of the transaction, preferably before singing any broker agreements.

A detailed interview with our real estate closing attorney prior to even drafting of the Contract of Sale is necessary to make sure the deal is structured properly and there are no surprises along the way.

In the event the Seller is aware of any NYC Code violations, illegal tenancies, liens, judgments, illegal construction, CO issues such should be disclosed to the attorney immediately prior to drafting of the Contract of Sale to avoid delays and cancellations.

5 Questions To Ask Before Hiring A NYC Real Estate Lawyer

A simple real estate transaction is handled by an agent or broker. However, if you have a complicated deal, a real estate lawyer is required to protect you and your finances.

There are some issues that need to be handled by a competent lawyer. The average straightforward transaction doesn’t exactly warrant a lawyer’s help and, while you need [a lawyer] to guarantee protection from a risky transaction, may even be seen as an unnecessary expense. But if you are buying homes through a short sale or the current homeowners are facing foreclosure, you absolutely need a lawyer.

To ensure a smooth process, you need to know how to find a good real estate lawyer. No matter how big or small, real estate transactions are life-changing events and you should make sure you prepare accordingly. When looking for a lawyer, keep the following things in mind:

1.  The number of similar cases they’ve handled

This is one of the best and most revealing things that you can ask your potential attorney. This can give you clear expectations on your real estate deal and the lawyer can relay their experiences in handling cases related to what you have now which will let them foresee potential problems and easily head them off.

2. Overall experience

Real life experience is very important and, in many ways, is more relevant than high educational attainment or grade. If the case is just a simple matter-- such as a purchase agreement-- you’ll be fine with any lawyer with knowledge on how to approach the matter but if you are talking about real estate matters that are complicated or unusual, you should look for somebody who has handled countless regular cases and gone through multiple complicated deals.

On the other hand, a less experienced lawyer will not cost as much as a seasoned one but an experienced lawyer will be better equipped to find outside-the-box solutions.

3. How do they intend to handle your case

Any competent lawyer, after thoroughly reviewing your situation, can give you an outline of how they intend to handle your real estate property closing. You want to avoid a lawyer that gives you an ambiguous answer.

4. How will you be billed

Avoid unpleasant surprises by clarifying the price and schedule of your payments and fees as well as the amount that you need to prepare. You’d be surprised at the number of people who never ask about this in advance.

5. Who else will be working on your case

Sometimes, lawyers work in groups, especially if they work for law firms. The one you are talking to may be supported by another or they may even delegate someone else to handle your case. You should know about these things.

To find a lawyer with a good record and reputation, ask other lawyers, family, or friends if they know of a real estate lawyer who can help you. From there, you can ask the questions discussed.  

Another thing, observe how you and the lawyer talk about these matters. If you feel at ease after asking the aforementioned questions as well as anything else that is concerning you, then they are probably the best person to help you.